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Taken in the early 1950's, this is one of the first images available of the Evergreen Tavern & Store.

Taken in the early 1950’s, this is one of the first images available of the Evergreen Tavern & Store.

Ammo’s Evergreen Tavern – A Lake Namakagon Legend for 100 years…and counting Yes, a Legend. it’s not a term you just slap on any-one or anything lightly. But The Evergreen has spent 100 years earning it. And is still one of the most talked about taverns in the Northwoods.

The Evergreen, as we know it today, was originally built as a horse barn on Helm’s Point, about a mile from its current location. Then some darn fool decided it would make a great tavern and general store and had a team of horses haul it down the road. Unfortunately, iPhones did not have cameras back then or there would be some cool pictures posted here.

Details are sketchy as to the early ownership of the Evergreen. That’s why a few tall tales still make their way around the bar when friends get together.

Heck, there’s even a story that it was once used to make moonshine. And no one’s telling who started THAT story. What IS known is that the Evergreen has served the community and its visitors proudly for almost a century.

It would be tough to find a friendlier, more hospitable, fun-filled place anywhere in the Northwoods.

This was taken in 1957 when it was Thistle's Evergreen Tavern & Store.

This was taken in 1957 when it was Thistle’s Evergreen Tavern & Store.

So, you must be asking yourself “Who owns it now?”. Well, there a little story to that adventure.
It was a chilly day during deer season in 2003. Jim “Ammo” Amundson was partaking in one of his favorite pastimes (that would be hunting, folks) with his daughter Tali. While waiting patiently in their stand, the conversation went something like this:


And they drove to town, to close the deal. (It’s just how Ammo rolls).

Ammo and Tali never did go hunting while Telemark was for sale (That was Tali’s idea),

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